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Utah State University

I love USU with my whole heart and maybe one day i’ll go back but that’s not where i’m supposed to be right now.

I confused a lot of people by promptly switching schools, i even confused myself.

I started at Utah State University in Logan, Utah of the fall of 2015. It was my first semester of college, everything was new and exciting. Last minute i found a place to live where i would have 3 roommates that i didn’t know. I didn’t even get a tour before i purchased my contract because apartments were going quick.

I remember move in day it was exciting, nerve racking, and stressful all at the same time. As we arrived, 2 of my other roommates were there with their parents moving in too, Jaycee and Kalynn. Jaycee and Kaylnn were best friends that had gone to high school together. Hearing this was a little intimidating to me because they already both had a friend, each other, which made me more worried about not being able to make friends with them.

They of course shared a room together so i got the room across the tiny hall from them, later that day i met my room roommate, her name was Rianna. She was older than us all and acted like a know it all, oh man i lucked out i thought to myself.

We all started getting to know each other and all became friends getting along for the first couple weeks, that’s always how it is at first.

Rianna had the complete opposite sleep schedule of me which was the first conflict. She would go to bed around 9/10 and wake up around 6/7. Me on the other hand i would go to bed around 12/1 and wake up around 10/11. I don’t think there was one time she didn’t wake me up while getting up in the morning, talk about annoying but i guess that’s all part of the “college experience”.

Fast forward! Jaycee, my cute little redheaded roommate and i became best friends. We were so alike it was so much fun for us. We would always ditch class together (big no no) stay up till 2 am watching friends and eating ramen noodles for at least one meal a day, and go out and spending all our money on cosmic brownies and frutie tooties. Talk about the college life. We did everything together (kalynn got a little jealous it seemed) but i didn’t care i loved hanging out with my best friend!

(Our first of many pictures together)

(And one of our last pictures together)

Classes were hard, making new friends was hard, figuring out boys and life was hard too. I dated a few guys here but none worth mentioning (none could ever measure up to my amazing loving boyfriend now). I learned a lot about myself that semester of college. I made so many mistakes i couldn’t even count them on both hands. I was faced with so many life choices. At one point i was planning on a mission, oh how things have changed. Through it all i figured out who i was, recognized the mistakes I made, and made changes to myself and my life for the better.All of that from those past months.

The last couple weeks of the semester were the hardest yet, not just because it was finals week but because all my roommates and I were fighting. The worst was fighting with my best from whom I also lived with, Jaycee.

I did what every other 18 year old teenage girl would do, avoided it and left. After my last final i packed up all my things and left. I headed home for Idaho not knowing if i would ever come back. I had sold my contract to another girl and wasn’t sure if i wanted to find another one.

I was dumb. I learned a huge life lesson from this. Don’t let other people (especially dumb teenage girls) decide what you want to do or where you want to go with your life because i did. I’m not saying i regret this choice, because i don’t, but I learned that it was important to make personal life decisions on my own terms and would want everyone to learn that lesson from my experience.

I learned after this experience to live my own life and to not let other people influence my decisions or have a say about my happiness. It’s okay to not have friends sometimes. I realized that i have a Savior that loves me and will always be there for me and i know i couldn’t have gotten through this hard time in my life without Him. Even when i was sad and alone i knew that i was still loved and cared for no matter what mistakes i had made. I also learned that i should acknowledge him in everything i do, that as long as i’m doing my best he will bless and help me to succeed and to be okay.

Image result for christ lds

Flashback to my high school days. I was a rebel punk teenager. My senior year i was mostly inactive, i thought church was dumb, seminary was dumb everything else was dumb too. BYU-Idaho sounded like hell to me with all the rules like curfew, no boys in rooms, the dress code, and more. I refused to even apply. I kept my options open and applied other places, as anyone should, but BYU-I was never an option to me no matter how cheap it was, close to home it was or anything.

(Thankfully i wised up and did all my make up work to graduate seminary, so worth it.)

One night on Christmas break i made a very irrational decision. I had 2 options. First was to find another place to live and pay extremely high tuition at Utah State or to go to BYU-Idaho, a place i had sworn to myself i would never go. Tuition was cheaper, and it was closer to home. It started to sound like a better option.

My parents, ward members and friends had always encouraged me to go to BYU-I because it was a great school that was closer to home and I would be surrounded my people with the same morals and values. Also it helped that the acceptance rate is about 99%.

In preparation to make this decision i received my patriarchal blessing hoping and praying that it would just tell me that this was the right decision. It didn’t. I didn’t receive that answer in particular from it but i got so much more, it’s such a sacred and spiritual experience that i encourage every member to get one when they are worthy and ready. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your life if you feel the prompting to receive one, act on it. God is waiting to guide and direct you, all you have to do is put in the effort.

I decided to switch schools, i would now be attending BYU-I. Through this my testimony slowly but surely strengthened and i grew close to God in this process of switching schools, something i am so grateful for making me even happier that i switched.

After quickly making this choice i had a hard time registering for classes since it was so close to school starting. Luckily though i got a decent schedule and apartment, i was very blessed.

My high school best friend Emilee at the time attended school at BYU-I and lived at the Willows. I had been there before and it was extremely nice so i thought “why not” and signed a contract.

(Emilee and I at our schools weekly devotional on campus)

I was very grateful for Emilee at this time because i was so close to her and she was always there for me along with her sister Megan. Having them here was convenient  and fun and it helped  that we all lived in the same apartment building.

My mom still in awe of my major life decision to switch schools. She still supported me and helped pack and move me into my new apartment. I would now have 5 roommates instead of 3, how could i handle that?

Courtney, Maddy, Krishelle and Lauren were all my roommates names. My room roommate was also named Maddi but i lucked out and she moved to another apartment so i got my own room.

(My roommates starting with Courtney, Krishelle, Lauren, Me and Maddy)

We started out like my first roommates and got along. Courtney and Maddy had known each other previous but not me and the others. Krishelle and Lauren both had boyfriends at the time so i wouldn’t see much of them, no use in trying to make friends and Courtney was pretty much engaged so that left Maddy and I.

Maddy and I got pretty close, very similar to the situation with Jaycee. We became best friends and also did everything together! We would go to soda vine, school dances and talk about cute boys.

(Emilee, Me, Maddy all at a dance on campus)

I made a lot more friends in all my classes than i did at Utah state and in my ward. I love it here. I think i had my answer all along that I was always supposed to come here. I ignored that thought and feeling plenty of times but in the end it doesn’t matter because i’m right where i’m supposed to be, and i couldn’t be happier.

I’ve made so many wonderful memories here with many more to come.  I’m not saying all my problems in life have disappeared since i switched schools but coming here helped me strengthen my testimony and relationship with God. This has helped me with my trials in life, especially the one leading up to me switching schools.

I am grateful for this experience and i am grateful for such a wonderful university where i have the opportunity to learn and to grow spiritually and mentally.

I know and believe that this very second that God is mindful of you and wants the best for you. Pray always not just in times of trouble. When you accept His will and live your life according to His will you will be blessed, protected, guided and directed. This doesn’t mean you wont make anymore mistakes, because trust me, you will, but it helps soften the blow and helps learning and moving on easier too. He will never forget about you and He will always love you. So council with the Lord in all thy doings and you will end up where you need to be.

Alma 37:

36 Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

 37 Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.

Thank you for reading.








Hello and welcome to my page. I am a sophomore at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. I am a communications major! And I'm loving it! I was born in Utah and raised in Idaho! I love writing and sharing my opinion, interests, faith and my life so that's what i'm here for!

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