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Tijuana Service Trip- Part two

Tuesday November 25th

The day before while Kallie, Gary, Payton and I were building the bunk bed the other team members were laying concrete for our next project. Today we would all be together working on the same thing, framing.

The sweetest family ever needed a home. A mother named Laila, her 2 sons and daughter. There father was in jail for drug problems so they had no support system but we were there to help. So we started on their home.

We finished the day with the walls up then headed to the market to do some shopping and out to eat to complete our hardworking day.

We finally figured out that the sign meant it costs to use their bathrooms.

Wednesday November 26th

We came back home and put the rest of the walls in along with the insulation, windows, roof. We also started to work on bunk beds for them since Payton and I were pros now at building bunk beds from our previous project.

We also caught the ice cream guy and had a nice treat during our hot work day.

Thursday November 27th (Thanksgiving)

We started and finished up the electricity while wrapping up  our work the house it being our second to last day. Vickie Grover and her husband decided to give the family a Christmas gift of furnishing their newly built home so we went to Walmart and grabbed the necessities. We purchased towels, blankets, pillows and other decorations for the family

Later that day the whole group, Alex and Betty, the family we built the home for we all went to the beach to have our thanksgiving feast. Gordon knew i hated fish and convinced me that we were having that for Thanksgiving! When he showed up with this though i was beyond happy and grateful! McDonalds for our thanksgiving feast, what a meal to remember.

November 28th Friday

Our last day in Tijuana 😦

Today we put the bunk beds together, swept all the dirt out of the house and brought all the decorations in.

Laila the mother was working so we didn’t think she’d be able to see the house before we left but she showed up on her lunch break and surprised us all. Laila bursted out into tears when she saw what we had completed. My heart was so full. She was so happy and grateful it made all of our hard work worth it.

Laila with Alex our host and her kids!

Saying our goodbyes were hard. We headed back to Alex’s packed up all our things then went out to eat then to the market until our ride could take us across the boarder. Our ride was late so we had a close call to missing our flight but thankfully we didn’t! We got to our flight then headed home.

I will never forget that week. I met so many wonderful, giving, kind, selfless people. I saw how other people lived in Tijuana opening my eyes to how blessed i am. I have a great love for the people of Tijuana. I am forever grateful for Alex and Betty to opening our home to us. I’m grateful for Gordon for making this all possible. I’m grateful for my parents for helping me afford this trip. I’m grateful for Vickie and Jade Grover for being our chaperones. I’m especially grateful for Laila and her family and the opportunity I had to serve them.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!




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