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How I handle a bad day..

It’s been an awful day. An awful past couple of days. An awful week. It feels like a never ending cycle. I’ve been sad, discouraged, upset and miserable. Unhappy.

I’ve been having a hard time lately.

Satans been working extra hard on me.

Today as I was coming home from work I was driving in my parking lot and this girl backs right into me. Cherry on top of the perfect day. After figuring out insurance and what not I finally make it home after a 9 hour shift.

I felt the desire to go to the temple.

So I did.

It wasn’t very packed so I got through pretty fast which was nice. After I had performed the baptisms one of the brothers stopped me and thanked me so much for coming. He told me the people I had been baptized in behalf of had been waiting since 1805, that’s 211 years of them waiting to receive the Holy Ghost and accepting the gospel.

My heart overflowed with happiness. This is where I had needed to be. Not only did I need this but so did they. 

Temple work is so important, it’s missionary work that we all need to do if we have the resources and abilities to do so.

Today I realized I’ve been so caught up in my life, the bad things that are happening and in myself. 

I discovered I’m happiest when I’m serving those around me and when I’m focusing on the positive instead of the negative, I encourage everyone else to try that too.

When you’re having a bad day:

1. Breathe, it’ll be okay 

2. Write or talk about it 

3. Do yoga, exercise, read or take a bath whatever else helps you (I like to read my scriptures and especially pray)

4. Focus on the positive 

5. Serve others 

There’s tons more you can do but these are just the ones that help me, and going to the temple of course.

Happy life people, happy life 😊



Hello and welcome to my page. I am a sophomore at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. I am a communications major! And I'm loving it! I was born in Utah and raised in Idaho! I love writing and sharing my opinion, interests, faith and my life so that's what i'm here for!

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