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I couldn’t sleep..

I couldn’t sleep last night,

So I kept switching back and forth between all of my social media apps.

What’s the point of social media?

To stay “in tune” with the news? Life? The world? Other people? Sure social media can be a good thing when you’re using it for the right reasons.

A lot of people only have social media to show off their life, because what else is there better to do?

I like seeing other people’s cute pictures, it’s fun! But when I start comparing my life to theirs and get upset, jealous, annoyed or angry that’s when I know it’s become a problem.

I can delete, unfriend, unfollow and block as many people as I’d like but there’s always going to be someone else’s life who “looks” better than mine.

There’s always going to be someone to compare myself and my life to. It’s apart of life.

And as much as that’s not okay, we have to deal with it.

Sure we all have those thoughts sometimes, that’s the key word: sometimes. We shouldn’t have them everyday or even often at all. It’s harmful.

Harmful to you. Harmful to your happiness, self esteem, life and overall joy.

So you do you. Do what it takes to stop those self destructive thoughts from creeping into your mind. Do what it takes for you to be happy. Do what it takes so you’re satisfied with your life.

Some nights are harder than others but this is possible. Don’t be bitter, don’t be jealous, don’t be upset but most importantly don’t let someone else rob you of your happiness because of a picture or tweet or status that makes you feel behind in life, or lost or not enough.

You are enough.

You will have a happy life, you just have to work for it. I guarantee not everyone who posts a smiling picture has nothing wrong in there life and is completely happy. We all have trials. None of us are perfect or even come close to having a perfect life.

So step away from that computer. Shut off your phone. Do whatever you need to do to stop comparing your life and happiness to others.

So stop those thoughts and go out and make your happy life.



Hello and welcome to my page. I am a sophomore at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. I am a communications major! And I'm loving it! I was born in Utah and raised in Idaho! I love writing and sharing my opinion, interests, faith and my life so that's what i'm here for!

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