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20 Things You Learn By 20

Hello I’m Faith and I’m 19, I turn 20 in 5 months!

I’ve learned a lot in the past 20 years, but obviously not enough because I keep making the same mistakes, oops.

Here are 20 things I’ve learned by age 20:

1. Your happiness needs to be put first;

Don’t put that boys needs in front of your own, he’s not worth it. Don’t let a friends happiness and needs come above your own. It’s good to help out and make sure your loved ones are taken care of and loved but you can’t do that if you’re not meeting your own needs first and taking care of yourself. 

2. Don’t compare yourself to others, YOU ARE ENOUGH;

Other girls will be prettier, they will be smarter and better at something than you, but remember they will NEVER be you. You’re unique.

3. Do what you love;

Try out a new hobby. Start that song, poem, blog, business whatever you love. Just do what makes you happy with the resources you have.

4. Girlfriends before guys, always;

There’s a few exceptions to this, if it’s your (future) fiancé than that’s okay. But if you have plans with your girlfriends ands guy invites you over to “watch Netflix” go with your girls. Spend time with them, they will be there for you.. not that boy.

5. Your heart will break and heal all over again;

Trust me I know. Friends, family and events will all make or break you. You heart will break and you might not think you’ll ever be okay but with time, you will be. Time does heal all wounds. You’ll move on and be happier than you’ve ever imagined. 

6. You will make mistakes;

The same ones and new ones.. again, again and again. You’ll learn from them eventually but for now, just do your best.

7. Those Facebook, Instagram and Twitter likes don’t matter in the long run;

People just like to show off their lives. Sure they make look better but are they really? Don’t stress over how many likes, favorites or comments you get because guess what?! It doesn’t matter.

8. Stay classy;

Don’t be that girl who NCMO’s with that whole apartment of guys. Don’t be easy. Others won’t have respect for you if you don’t have respect for yourself.

(NCMO: non committal makeout)

9. Save money, just do it;

This is one thing I regret the most. I wish I would’ve saved more money in high school. Work your butt off and save for your future, you never know when you might desperately need it. 

10. Always be kind;

That girl who gave you that nasty look, that guy who talked over you, that stranger who bumped into you and didn’t apologize, it’s okay. Be kind. Be patient and understanding. Don’t let one thing ruin your whole day or your happiness. It’s not worth it.

11. Fake it till you make it;

Girl, you got this.

12. Be honest;

To your parents, to your friends, to your siblings and to your significant others. 

13. Further your education, and study;

Take those classes. Learn those skills. Grow and expand your mind. Education is key.

14. Spend time with your family;

They love you 

15. YOU choose YOUR friends;

If a friends hurt you, if they’re not there for you, if you’ve grown apart or if you just have nothing in common anymore.. you don’t have to be friends with them. Find new friends and spend your time with those you love and enjoy.

16. Move on when it’s necessary;

It might be hard, and you might not want to do it but suck it up and move on. You deserve better no matter the circumstance.

17. Serve;

Serve everyone around you. You won’t regret lending a helping hand to someone. You will be blessed.

18. Stand up for yourself;

That person in class, your co-worker, a friend or family member if they’re walking all over you, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or who you are.

19. Follow your dreams and have fun;

No matter how hard they may seem, you can reach them. Don’t give up, keep trying. These are prime years, have fun and enjoy yourself!

20. You will make it, you will be more than okay;

I promise.



Hello and welcome to my page. I am a sophomore at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. I am a communications major! And I'm loving it! I was born in Utah and raised in Idaho! I love writing and sharing my opinion, interests, faith and my life so that's what i'm here for!

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