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Gods Timing 

My mission papers have been in about 3 months now.

During Christmas break my stake president called me with some bad news…

But first let’s back track.

A couple months ago I was on anxiety medication, but once I found out that would prolong me from going on a mission I found other ways to cope and got off the medication.

My stake president told me the church missionary department saw this as a “red flag” and insisted on a pre-mission evaluation.


So that day I made an appointment with LDS family services for that next week to speak to a therapist. This was a couple weeks ago. They want to see me again next week and if all goes well my papers should hopefully move on.

If not God has other plans for me.

I haven’t been stressing anymore, I haven’t been worrying. If I’ve learned anything from this it’s that everything happens for a reason, that Gods watching out for us, that He has a plan and everything is in HIS own timing.

I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned to understand that things don’t always go right the first time around. I’ve learned not to stress out about the hard things in life and to move on and to be happy and live my life.

Don’t let anything prevent you from being happy and living your life.

It’s been about a month since i spoke with the therapist giving me an a  ok to go on a mission. All i had to do was give the church access to my medical records. I prolonged that because i was focusing on my relationship. Let’s just say that was a mistake, i should’ve been doing both at the same time.

Tuesday Feb 21st i went to send the records over to the therapist to send to the church. I’m hoping he gets them by the end of the week so the church headquarters can review them and determine if that is the last step.

So please just pray for me. I’ll update this post once i know what is going on.

Thank you and i love you all.

I wanted to share a post i recently read on facebook though. I learned so much and this post opened my eyes. I related almost 100% to this post. Check it out!




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