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Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy on Vacation

I was on vacation this past weekend. We were headed home on a Sunday so it was hard to find a way to keep my Sabbath day holy. I proceeded to listen to the Mormon music channel on Pandora on the drive home. Getting home too late to attend a sacrament meeting I decided to pull out my scriptures and watch some general conference talks.

There are many ways to keep the Sabbath day holy when either you cannot make it to church or you are on vacation and there are other things that have been planned to be done.

The Lord has given the Sabbath day for your benefit and has commanded you to keep it holy. Prepare during the week so that you can reserve Sunday for the many uplifting activities that will draw you closer to God. How can you ensure that your behavior on #HisDay will lead to joy and rejoicing? Ask, “What sign do I want to give to God?” Learn more; and #passiton.:


Here are some ideas:

  1. Attend a sacrament wherever you’re at if possible, it is interesting to see how different the culture is where you are vacationing. Wards are often listed in the local directory or online at
  2. Visit temple grounds and visitors center if possible. An idea given by an article on says one family visited other religions churches such as cathedrals to learn about them and their religion.
  3. Read the scriptures
  4. Read or listen to general conference talks
  5. Listen to MOTAB or EFY music
  6. Write in a journal
  7. Write letters to family members
  8. Avoid spending money
  9. Go on a hike or a walk, enjoy nature
  10. Missionary work: give someone a Book of Mormon or share your testimony with someone
  11. Visit church historical sites if possible
  12. Have a family devotional and share a short message with each other
  13. If you have access online or a computer index or do family history work
  14. Share the gospel on social media if you have internet access
  15. Watch a Mormon message or other church videos/movies
  16. Email missionaries
  17. Give friends or family members a call let them know you’re thinking of them
  18. Family prayer
  19. Do a service for a random person
  20. All share something that you’re grateful for

So next time you’re short of time on Sunday while on vacation think of these things to bring the spirit with you throughout the day.

And remember, the Sabbath is a state of heart.

April 2016 General Conference quotes:



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