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How To Get More Out Of General Conference

If you’re like me you have a hard time preparing for pretty much anything here are tips and tricks on how to get the most out of general conference, enjoy!

Handouts for Sunday school: Come, follow me - LDS Nest:

  1. Pray before you watch it, ask the spirit to be there and to help you listen and to really take in the words of the Prophet and Apostles.
  2. Take notes and pay attention. You should be able to take notes while still being able to follow along and listen to their words, don’t get caught up if you didn’t hear something or can’t remember it, it will all be online after it is over so don’t stress over it and miss even more.
  3. Start thinking of your questions that you want and keep them in mind throughout all of the sessions. Ponder and pray about them. God hears you.
  4. Speaking of all of the sessions watch ALL of them. As a kid I never thought the Saturday session or women’s session was nearly as important as the Sunday one but IT IS!!
  5. Invite others to watch it, members and non members, friends and family!
  6. Watch for repeated phrases. It must be important if it’s mentioned lots.
  7. Read your scriptures before hand, it will help to bring in the spirit.
  8. Make it fun! Have snacks and invite loved ones over. You can have fun while still paying attention and feeling the spirit. And if you have kids get them conference bingo or other fun activities to help them pay attention and enjoy themselves.
  9. Listen to inspirational music before, in between and after sessions.
  10. Pay attention to those impressions that you have about a certain talk, those happen to YOU for a reason.
  11. Don’t fall asleep! If that means changing out of your pj’s into church attire, do it! Sit up right in your seat and do not doze off.
  12. Remember that the impressions and feelings you feel are more important than anything else.


What to do after conference:

  1. Set goals
  2. Pray and ask God to help you reach these goals
  3. Go back and re read your notes and the talks given often
  4. Keep praying and keep reading your scriptures
  5. Invite others to watch 

Really great quote to hang up in your home to help your family get ready for General Conference!:

God will answer your prayers.




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