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Anyone And Everyone Can Feel The Spirit 

Many don’t know but I work with special needs adults for my job. I was at work one day and I went to check the time on my phone. One of the clients in my group asked to see my background..

She then stared for a moment at the picture and looked at me with honest eyes and said to me, “that’s my brother”. Not discussing the topic of religion anymore we moved on to our activity. My heart was softened and my eyes teared up when this wonderful client had said those words. They were right Jesus Christ is our brother, our Savior, Redeemer and best friend. 

Today, April 3rd I went home to meet my family to go out to dinner in Idaho falls for my dads birthday. After dinner I headed back over to their house for an hour where B, my 4 year old brother asked me to watch a show with him, hesitant because I needed to get back to study for finals I said yes because he is definitely too cute to say no to. 

We sat down and were watching animated church videos about the Gospel. B calls them “The Jesus show”. As we were watching the one where Mary was traveling to Bethlehem to give birth to our Savior, B turned to his mom and said “mommy this show makes me feel good inside”. My heart melted and once again tears flooded to my eyes. A little 4 year old boy was feeling the spirit. B then turned to me and asked if I was feeling the same way, I nodded yes but then just proceeded in awe amazed and what my little brother had just said to me. What an example that he was.

He was so excited to be learning about the church and those who were apart of it. He knew Nephi and Lehi’s name and would be able to tell who was wicked and who was righteous. He would gleam and scream with joy when they were being righteous. He was so happy and loves learning about the church and that’s how we all should be.

When you go to church do you radiate with happiness and excitement to learn that day about the Gospel? Are you as willing to feel the spirit and recognize Him in your life?

Well we all should be.

From these 2 experiences I’ve had in the past week my testimony has grown and strengthened and I couldn’t have kept it to myself. 

So take your time to learn about the Gospel, ask questions and be excited about and love the Gospel and your testimony will strengthen.



Hello and welcome to my page. I am a sophomore at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. I am a communications major! And I'm loving it! I was born in Utah and raised in Idaho! I love writing and sharing my opinion, interests, faith and my life so that's what i'm here for!

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