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Group email 

So I’m still at the MTC and haven’t gone home so that’s good right? Let’s start off with some jokes because we all know I’m so funny.. 

What’s the difference between jail and the MTC? You’re allowed to have visitors in jail. 

Also did you know the MTC ACTUALLY stands for marriage training center? I have a testimony of that. 

I’m definitely learning the language very well.

Anyways I promise I’ll get better at this whole emailing thing.. 

This week was so much better than last week. KEEP PRAYING FOR ME I NEED IT. 

I’ve met some elders going to pittsburgh and i LOVE THEM i am so excited to get to know them all more too! The elders in my district are like going to New Hampshire so thats cool for them! Yesterday we got our flight information, SCARY! I have one more pday before the field, we leave next sunday at like 3:30 in the morning, pray that we’ll have a safe flight. 


Sister Liljenquist and i got called as sister training leaders, holla. So that’s been not bad we just help the newbie district that came in this past wednesday, still getting to know them haha the elders are a little crazy but its totally fine right? 

Something i’ve had to come to learn is that FAITH, its so weird not being called that and everytime its said i look.. anyways faith needs to be built off a firm foundation. Doctrine & Covenants 11:24&28 READ THE BOOK OF MORMON IT IS TRUE! anyways To build that foundation of faith we need to 1. go to church 2. read our scriptures 3. fulfill our callings 4. partake of the sacrament 5. pray 6. attend the temple 7. family history work and SO MUCH MORE. If we continue to strive to do these things our foundation will get stronger and stronger making it harder to be knocked down ya know? Also that a testimony isnt enough, we need to be CONVERTED to the Lord.

Sunday nights we get BYU ice cream from the creamry and its great so that brings happiness to my life. 
Monday we did service so mopped and cleaned bathrooms, boys are gross btw. We have been having TRC everyday.. not sure what it stands for but what we do is we teach “investigators” 100% sure they’re members getting paid to act out their conversion story or maybe someone elses.. they wont tell us so not sure but ive come to realize that that doesnt matter because Heavenly Father wants all of His children to be brought unto Christ so if i can help in their conversion to Christ.. I WILL. Gwen is our hardest one.. enough said. Wan Yu Chen is another one of our “investigators” SHE IS SO CUTE. I love them both and have loved learning how to teach but have loved teaching by the Spirit even more, the Holy Ghost truly is amazing and i’ve said things that aren’t even my own and i know they come through Christ.. isnt missionary work SO COOL?! I LOVE IT. I leave here May 22 so its coming up so fast, excited and nervous. 

Me and the girls in our room/ district have lots of laughs so that gets me through the days. 

Tuesday we had an AMAZING LIFE CHANGING LIKE FOR REAL DEVOTIONAL given by Elder Clayton of the seventy. He got up there and was like “okay so i had something prepared but the spirit has told me to share something different and it touched every missionary in that room, no doubt. I learned that we should all not just “endure to the end” BUT ENJOY TO THE END, BE HAPPY. And that the Savior, Jesus Christ will take us as we are after everything we’ve done.. and make us into something so much greater but only THROUGH HIM. 

Moroni 10:32 (Book of Mormon) Put your name in it and it makes it so much personal i love doing that with myself and investigators! 

I’ve been struggling to let go of my pre mission life but im getting there, focused on the work and where i need to be! It’ll be so good when im out in the field and i know that if im faithful and obedient, miracles from God will come. 

I JUST WANTED TO SHARE HOW AMAZING MY TEACHERS ARE. I have a teacher Sister Knapp and she is seriously so great like I LOVE HER she has helped me so much and encouraged me and is just amazing, i am so grateful for her you all need a sister knapp in your life. 
So there are these Elders.. one of them is going to my mission but his comp is this big polynesian guy and i wish yall could just see this, but everytime i see them he is totally just yelling at his comp (in a loving way) like “get over here boy, you cant run from me” and i just crack up everytime i see them, they even taught me a handshake so im one of them now. Hahah they make my day and they also share a spiritual message everytime we run into them, truly uplifting hahah i love it.
I just wanted to ask everyone to just keep praying for me and if you havent yet, PLEASE DO. Also send me nice emails please i need them they make me happy and the end of a hard day to read something loving, yall dont even know how hard missions are but how WORTH IT it will be, i come home November 19 2018 in case anyone was wondering.. Anyways life here is not bad. Its seriously a rollercoaster each day something different thrown at you but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I know that this church is true with all of my might, mind, heart and strength or trust me.. I WOULNDT be here and if you know me you know thats true. I know that even if this isnt where i want to be that this is where the Lord needs me to be and ill get there! 2 Nephi 25:27

I know that the Lord has been preparing me for who knows how long for this experience, and i only have 9 DAYS AHHH until i get to teach the people who the Lord has prepared, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ALREADY IM SO EXCITED. I know that this gospel, i have felt the light and the happiness and comfort that this gospel, that Jesus Christ has brought into my life and i am so grateful for it, im grateful for the atonement and i wouldnt want anyone in their life not to have the wonderful gospel that i have and a relationship with their loving Heavenly Father because He knows all of us and loves us and He hears our prayers and if we listen to that still small voice, humble ourselves and soften our hearts HE WILL answer your prayers and He knows what you need and what you need to hear because He knows and loves us all personally and individually. I am so grateful for this knoweldge i have and im grateful that im learning so much for myself and for those i will be teaching 🙂
I seriously love you all and miss you all, please send pictures of you, your kids, your neighbors.. I dont care it just makes me so happy to hear from and see you all 🙂


Lots of love, seriously.

 ALSO email me until 6 tonight id love to hear from everyone because i miss you all indvidually!

Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers. 



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