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Some ward members definitely roasted me this week, nice thanks guys. See Tuesday for more details lol. 
Are you saved?

Lol @ everyone who tells me they’re saved. 

Also imma about to get second hand smoke here so pray for my lungs. 
These emails are definitely more novels lol but it’s fine at least I’ll have them to read when I get home, if yall read anything read Thursday’s lol literally the life of a missionary right there. 
I loved this article. We are all called of God being His children to do missionary work. We all have a responsibility to share the light of Christ with others, like the article states “Whether or not we serve as full-time missionaries, each of us has the opportunity to share the gospel and serve those around us.” it then goes on to give examples and ideas for all of us, full time missionaries, members, young or old on how to serve. Visit for ideas! Article below 🙂

*Monday, May 29

Pdays are definitely the hardest days so far. Today we had a ward BBQ, yummy. Got to email, took a nap, nice. And went to Walmart, fun. That’s about it. 
*Tuesday, May 30

So like boring today really, cleaning out the area book and finding who’s interested and who’s not and it takes a lot of work and is hard so that’s that.


So we went to do a service at a members house and so she’s like I wanna make a frame for this mirror like okay cool who do we look like we are? So she gets out an ELECTRIC SAW AND STARTS CUTTING WOOD IN HER FREAKING BASEMENT LIKE ON THE CARPET?? WHAT? She got sawdust everyone like I inhaled some I’m pretty sure and almost died, got sawdust on her, the carpet, the laundy, furniture.. everything.. I’m not sure what she was thinking or if she was at all.. I just sat there and plugged my ears and watched for a solid 2 hours. 

While cleaning out the area book a less active member let us in who turns out to be a Presbyterian pastor lol what? She was super sweet though and had a cute dog, we talked about family and faith with her.. why can’t everyone be this kind and accpeting? We then had dinner at a members house, they’re older and super rich by the looks of their house lol. They have 2 young kids though, both toddlers and reminded me of my brothers 😦 I miss you brigham and kai. So the little 2 year old Jj was hanging with me, more like he kept stealing my chips, nice. So they asked me what my major is I said communication then they both went on a rant for a good solid 10 minutes on how that’s an awful major lol I zoned out but as soon as they were done talking I said you know what? I DON’T CARE I WILL MARRY RICH AND BE A STAY AT HOME MOM OKAY? they laughed but I’m serious, rich boys where you at? Anyways we roasted hot dogs and they roasted me, end of the story, end of the day.  
*Wednesday, May 31

Wow everyday I wonder if my life could get any awkward and it does. Members, investigators and just people often make us uncomfortable lol 24/7 but it’s fine. I’m getting more awkward though, help. 

Today was weird, we met with a potential investigator and it was weird, she was on the phone with her boyfriend and was giggling while we were talking, probably wasn’t us being cute. Anyways enough of that a lot of times when people don’t want to talk to us I think they pretend they don’t speak English lol cool. But we did meet with a guy today, Miguel who hardly speaks english, I’m working on my Spanish so I no luck with him lol but he did show us all of his horses that he takes care of, THEY WERE MASSIVE. *don’t mind my hair

See picture below.

We had a dinner appointment and they have the cutest kids, see the drawings in the picture below. We then went street contacting and no bueno. We kept saying hi to people and they’d look away, nice. One guy saw us then crossed the street but that’s okay because he was scary. Also this old man tried to give us money, too bad we couldn’t accept lol we tried to teach him but he said he was a pescapalian whatever that means then told us a weird story, pass. We knocked on this one door and saw a girl keep peeking her head around the corner, still didn’t answer, just waited for us to leave.. nice. Someone asked us if we were Jehovah witnesses LOL NOPE. So overall awkward and uncomfortable day lol welcome to the life of a missioanry. Gonna keep pressing forward in a steadfastness in Christ though.

2 Nephi 31:20 Go read it.

My sister graduated high school today, all the feels. My little brother Luke also graduated the 6th grade wooooo I love them. 
*Thursday, June 1

Today was AMAZING. This is the first time I’ve felt the spirit so strongly on my mission. We had district meeting this morning and talked about revelation through prayer, the elders in our district are so funny and just the best! We then had a lesson with Joy and her family, it was her, her 15 year old daughter, 16 year old daughter and then Joy’s sister, they all had a special need of some sort. The Spirit was sooooo strong. We taught the plan of salvation and about how Jesus Christ loves us and suffered for us, we taught the garden of Gethsemane which they had no knowledge of. I started to tear up while teaching them about how all this pain and guilt and suffering and inadequatecy they were feeling could be taken from then through our Savior. The daughter started crying you could tell she was feeling the spirit so strongly, the other one is like an athiest so we’re working on that lol. But joy opened up to us so much and told us so many personal things about what’s happened to her allowing us to help her with this gospel. We invited them to church so hoping that they come, cannot wait to teach them again. You can tell how ready they are and excited about this gospel, the truthful restored gospel.

Well we had another lesson right after this and nope. That’s all I need to say, the house was CRAZY. The grandma was yelling at her daughter the whole time who was yelling at her daughter who was like 6 running wild and then there’s the grandpa yelling at the dogs who wouldn’t stop jumping on us and sadly ripped and ruined Sister Rs skirt, it was tough like couldn’t even get a message out they were too distracted lol but it’s fine we got a cupcake outta it.

Later that night we had a dinner appointment, had Mexican pizza, yum. I always hang out with the little kids because that’s way better than adults duh, and I miss my little boys 😦 after that we went to check out a referral that the elders found for us and THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ELDERS AND THEIR WORK.

Michael is his name, he’s this big guy with tattoos with the biggest heart, wanting peace and answers and to know if God is there because he’s struggling with his mom passing away years ago and just needs some help, good thing that’s our purpose 🙂 We got back to meet with him next week when he’s off work! he accepted a book of Mormon and seemed very anxious to read it! 
I’m falling in love with Pennsylvania but most importantly the people. This is definitely the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. 
*Friday, June 2

Weekly planning: *eats 4 cupcakes, washes it down with root beer*

It is so hot. We tried a lemonade stand, let’s just say the only good thing that came out of it were cute and funny pictures. Honestly it was a hard day.. we had a triple rejection, walking down the street and started talking to this lady and she was like nope but then a guy was walking in front of us and he asked us if we were “opus” whatever that means but once we said Mormons hes like uhh nope then a black guy walking behind us came up and was like you don’t wanna talk to these mormons, nice, thanks. 

Today was hard, no one was home and no one cared to listen. As we were on our way home we drove past these people on a street just like normal but once we were half way home I couldn’t shake the prompting to go back so Sister Roper turned around. We parked in the right spot and there was this lady sitting on her porch, she has been going through a hard time with life and finding a job so we were totally able to help her out and she’s super interested! She also said her daughter was tired of being Catholic and was needing something different, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS FOR YOU AND ME AND ALL OF US. She also said her mother would LOVE coming to church so that’s awesome, then without even asking she told us about all her neighbors and who to go and visit! Wow, I’ve never been so happy before, I am so grateful that I followed that prompting God is so good. God is mindful of all of His children and knows what’s best for us, He loves us and knows what we need. Pray always, He hears you and answers you.
*Sunday, June 4

Studied lehis dream, in my dreams. Totes accidentally fell asleep during studies lol.
P.s my birthday is in a month, July 5th don’t forget about me
2 Nephi 22:2

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also has become my 
Sister Higley

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mission 

May 2017-November 2018



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