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MTC must haves 

Hey yall it’s Sister Higley I wrote this article from the MTC itself. I’ve compiled a list of all the things you need or need to know before you enter the MTC, also thank you to my lovely sister Hope for posting these for me 🙂
-Water bottle

-Shower shoes

-Your own sheets and blanket for comfort and because the sheets here smell bad

-Stuffed animal, I brought one and DO NOT regret it

-MINTS, MINTS, MINTS, MENTOS AND MINTS you’re not allowed to have gum so this is seriously a life saver haha get it? the life saver mints, they’re the best

-Pictures of your family to hang up and to show people, but don’t look at them for too long or too much because it’ll just make things harder

-3-4 journals, 1 to take to class like a notebook, one to write down tender mercies or miracles or blessings or anything really sacred or spiritual, one to write down what your day was like and just an extra one for whatever you need it for

-Cards! Another Sister got these card sets that said hello on them and were decorated really -cute and had envelopes which were so fun to leave for other sisters and use as thank you or -welcome notes

-Envelopes and stamps for letters

-Decorations! I just brought a couple of like banners I could hang up on the wall with tape 

-Wrinkle releaser 

-Tide to go


-Mini febreeze and perfume and lotion if you use it


-Nail Polish and remover and cotton balls 

-Mini sewing kit 

-Elastic bands, headbands, Bobby pins and all other hair accessories

-SNACKS such as popcorn, granola bars and whatever else you want! They have vending machines with snacks and ice cream but I wish I had popcorn because there’s microwaves out in the lobby. They feed you at like 5 for dinner but after you work out or get done with classes you’ll want something to snack on

SIDE NOTE: Tell your family about Dear Elder, it’s a website where they can send you letters instantly like you’ll get them the same day and they put together packages together for missionaries with goodies in them
ALSO: Don’t worry if you forget something, chances are the book store will have it or your companion or even another girl in your room or your district or zone so don’t stress!
I’m sure I’ve forgotten other things that are a MUST In the MTC but just as RMs for advice, check out Sister missionary blogs on Pinterest and just be prepared!
Good luck, I love you all!


Until I write again

Love, Sister Higley 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mission May 2017-November 2018



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