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Small and simple things

It was the day of our branch Halloween party, October 26th, 2017. My companion and I had only planned it a week prior so we were a little antsy about the outcome. We were sitting in a store parking lot before we were heading over after we had just finished helping at a community trick or treat event. Overthinking and nervous for the outcome we reached out to another leader who was helping us plan the party.

We called her and frantically expressed our concerns about not having enough of this or that and wondering if things were going to turn out. She then said something which I was not expecting but which I needed very much. It was along the lines of “Heavenly Father will help us, we’ve done all we can and He knows we have worked hard He will help us. It will all work out don’t worry.” When we have Him on our side we won’t lose. What an eye opening experience for me.

During this process of course I prayed for this party to be a success but I did not turn to my Father in Heaven enough for solace or comfort from my great anxieties the party was causing. Christ knows all things, so He knows how to help us with each situation differently. We need to always turn to Him no matter how small or simple it is.

That day I learned that Heavenly Father cared about my Halloween party. He cared about the outcome, the success and the work I put into it. He cares about all those small and simple things that we care about that we might think no one else does, but He does because he cares about me. He cares about my life and what’s important to me, and He cares about you as well and what you care about.

Next time you need help or comfort before a big test, or a big meet or even before something you think is so small and insignificant ask Him. If it is important to you, it is important to Him.

Moral of the story is to always be willing to turn to our Father in Heaven in prayer, to Him first not your friend or leader but Him, and just ask because for His help after you’ve done all that you can do and He can and will make those small and

simple things into something amazing.


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