Missionary Gift Ideas

Happy holidays! I cannot believe it’s already Christmas time! I’ve asked some fellow sisters and brainstormed some good Christmas gifts (or anytime of the year) for Sister missionaries! Here’s what I’ve come up with:

A letter

Body spray- Always needed!

Hand lotion- Especially in a dry area!

Face masks and face wash- Spa day!

Nail polish- Neutral colors of course

Little Jesus pictures- You can never go wrong!

Little cut out quotes- From general conference for example

Pictures of temples- So fun to hang up on the wall in our study rooms!

Journals- I currently have like 6 and use all of them for different purposes!

Cards and letter materials- To make writing letters home cute and fun!

A hand written letter

Craft stuff- (If you’re like me) for example tape, stamps, cut outs, decorative paper!


Vitamins- They’re expensive but essential & we’re poor!

Tide to go- Because oops! We usually can’t get access to stain remover when we are out and about!

Postcards- From when you travel or from their home

Sticky notes- “I’m an organized mess”

Sister things (from desseret book)- Everything is cute there!

Mints- Me personally I love the little round icebreaker containers

Stickers- Of all sorts, Disney or cars or anything it is so fun to stick them on letters when writing loved ones

Money- For souvenirs!

Dress- Anything new they will love! Try to get something simple and a solid color so they can mix and match with it!

Jewelry- Keep it simple

Lip scrub

Essential oils- Just because I’m obsessed and they work!

Watch- Different color for a different day!

Slippers- For winter and when your apartment isn’t the cleanest!

Fuzzy socks- keeps our feet warm in the winter


Laundry detergent & dryer sheets- Make sure they need some before!

Walmart gift card- Usually a safe bet!

Highlighters & cute colored pens!


Rice pack- For headaches, cramps and everything else!

If you have more ideas feel free to comment or email me @ Faith.higley@myldsmail.net. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Other ideas!

Make sure to include something little in there for their companion too!

A sunshine box- Check pinterest for ideas!

Holiday boxes- Christmas (stockings), Thanksgiving, Halloween! Themes are so fun!

Keep in mind I’m in a stateside mission so foreign is a completely different story!


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