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DIY Missionary Block

1. Find or purchase a block, whatever size you would like!

2. Sand if needed and make it smooth ready for paint 

3. Apply 1-3 coats of black paint of however many you think is needed 

4. Trace out in a pencil of how big and where you would like the words to go 

5. Use paint or a sharpie paint marker (can be purchased at Porters) to write out the letters and there you go

Good luck 😊

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DIY Block Craft

My dad builds housings for a living so sometimes I’ll go to his unfinished housing and snag some wood blocks for crafts, or they can be purchased at Porters.

I started off by sanding the wood which got rid of a lot of the dirt. 

I then covered the block in a layer of white and then 2 layers of mint, both from Porters.

I got the design idea from Pinterest and started painting away!

Such a fun, cheap and easy craft.

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DIY Shadowbox

And for only $20!

I went to Porters and got the shadwbox on sale! I then picked out some paint and vinyl to put on the front!

I got home and started painting, I chose white because it’s timeless and will always go with my color scheme no matter what colors my room or home is!

I then cleaned off the glass then put the vinyl on. BE CAREFUL. Make sure it’s right where you want it before you put it on, I made that mistake and had to pull it off and fix it with a tweezer.  

My box was dumb! The top part would NOT slide in, thankfully I had bought sandpaper for another project so I was able to sand it down so that it would fit.

But in the end it all worked out! It was so much fun. 

I made this so I could put my movie tickets, concert tickets, sports games tickets, pictures and more in there instead of them just sitting in a box! 

Final product!