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Monday July 24 Pioneer Day 🙂
I love pioneer day, I spent my morning reading about all my ancestors crossing the plains and it really is such a neat thing. We then went to the strip again in down town Pittsburgh where I got tons of presents for my siblings 🙂 then to a church to watch the elders play basketball once again.
We played this really fun game at dinner at a members house, you get a measuring cup and pack it with flour then put it on a plate so it's like a tower of flour then you put a candy on top. We all then took turns trying to cut a little section off without it falling and when it fell you'd have to grab the candy out of the flour with your mouth and no hands haha! Supposedly this was a game the pioneers played 🙂

Tuesday July 25th
Found the school where perks of being a wall flower was filmed, can't wait to go there and then to watch the movie when I get home. Everything else today was a blur. I'm getting more comfortable with teaching but still horrified of going up and talking to people but can't find people to teach if I'm not doing that I guess. We got a car wash today that was fun.

Family history is the coolest okay? I love being able to go to Family Tree and see my ancestors and read about all of their lives, it's so encouraging to know that they're on the other side of the veil, not too far encouraging us and cheering us on. Anyone can do family history! It's such a rewarding experience to find one of your ancestors. Just go to:

Wednesday July 26th
Learned how & then made bread and cinnamon rolls today, boy the best bread and cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted. Hmu after my mission if you want some #wifemeup. We then did service for a ward member who's about to move, tried people then had dinner. Honestly we aren't having any luck and it's really hard but I'm hanging in there.
We need to all stop judging others and that includes ourselves. How do we do that?

Thursday July 27th
Something I've learned is how to "Overcome the World". In a talk given by Elder Neil A Anderson he states "Overcoming the world is not one defining moment in a lifetime, but a lifetime of moments that define an eternity." And how overcoming the world is being less concerned with our online connections and more concerned with our heavenly connection to God.

So I invite you to take a step back and evaluate if your relationship with Heavenly Father is more important than your online one or with anything or anyone else of this world, if not we need to change so we can overcome the world and draw nearer to our Savior by having meaningful conversations with the Lord. Read the full talk here:

Today we had a member walk into our district meeting and gave us $50 so we could go out to lunch so we got chic fil a which was bomb then an elder went the wrong way on a one way and that was interesting some lady yelled at him too. Also there's bat's everywhere here, have you ever heard them do echo location? It's so weird.

Friday July 28th
I made a bracelet during weekly planning today so hmu if you want a friendship bracelet.
Cool experience! We had a lesson with a less actives family at their son's football practice and their friend sat in with us, she listened to the plan of salvation lesson and accepted a Book of Mormon and we're going back next week to teach another lesson, such a tender mercy!

Saturday July 29th
The weeks are flying by. Today we helped a member move! Then did studies, went out to dinner at the crackle barrel which was Yum. I used to make fun of those people who get salads at dinner but that's me now, it's so hard to eat healthy out here. We then hard sports night woo, my watermelon picking skills are definitely improving, none of this probably makes any sense but I'm fine with it. We got 2 new referrals today, thanks to elders. I hope things pick up soon since summer is coming to and end and hopefully people will be less busy.

Sunday July 30th
This youth started out his talk pretty funny he said "last week I got a text from this unknown number and I thought it was some cutie but it was just the bishopric asking me to speak today" hahaha oh man. We had a less active and a investigator at church today, the hard work might be starting to pay off! And got to meet with a less active family today after months of trying, yes!! I love this church and I know that it's true. I feel the spirit so strongly in my life testifying of it.

I love you all! Happy birthday to my brother Luke he turns 13 on the 4th, whaaaat I can't believe it, sad I'm not there but I'll be celebrating from here. Also to my baby Brigham he's going to be 5! Ahh!! He's getting so big I miss his funny jokes. I love my brother's. And hope of course. Anyways I hope you all have a great week and email me 🙂

«Pittsburgh shopping
»Car wash
»Cinnamon rolls with the Potts family 🙂
«Dinner with the Campbells
»She was a skater girl she said cya later boy she had to go and preach God's word

Side note: Had the cops threatened to be called on me 3 times this week.

Sister Higley

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Modern Day Pioneers

“You always hear about people today saying they don’t know how the pioneers got through all their hardships, but I’m sure some that are in heaven are saying the same things about us today.” – A talk given by Sister Janette Hales Beckham in May of 1997 titled "Modern Pioneers".

When we think of pioneers we imagine this:

Faithful, courageous, sacrificing, brave children of God. Hundreds of years ago our fellow members of the church, our brothers and our sisters left the east to come to settle in the west to get away from religious persecutions.

An article from the friend stated:
"Between 1856 and 1860, eight Latter-day Saint handcart companies crossed the plains successfully. Only the Martin and Willie Companies
suffered such tragedy. Out of 576 people in the Martin Company, at least 145 died. Approximately 67 out of 500 Willie Company
members died. Yet members of these companies were grateful for the Spirit they felt and the testimony they gained through their
experiences. Francis Webster, a member of the Martin Company, said, “We suffered beyond anything you can imagine and many died
of exposure and starvation, but . . . every one of us came through with the absolute knowledge that God lives”.

Today we're not being killed for our beliefs, but we are still made fun of, judged and treated poorly. We're not being asked to pick up all of our belongings, families and walk thousands of miles across the country but we are asked to make sacrifices for our families, church callings and serving those around us. We're not dying of the lack of food or water but we are dying spiritually. We weren't asked to cross the plains on a wagon to save our lives while risking them but we are asked to stand up for what we believe in, to have faith enough in the Lord to do what He asks of us, to follow promptings, share the gospel and be courageous, brave and to sacrifice for our religion.

They had to have faith enough in God. Enough faith that they would trust His prophets to lead and guide them to a better life. Faith that they would make it and if they didn't, faith that they would see their family again. They had to have courage that the Lord knew what was best for them and there are always better things lying ahead. They had to be strong in dealing with their trials and afflictions. They had to be brave, not knowing what laid ahead of them. They had to believe, trust, and rely on the Savior.

The pioneers had to do all of these things, and now so do we because we are modern day pioneers. Yes our trials our different but more alike than they seem. We each learn and grow from the hardships we endure. We have to embrace them and let the Lord lighten our loads.

We have to be modern day pioneers and we can do that by:
» Standing up for what we believe in & being an example to others regardless of what they do to us or think of us
» Sharing the gospel in all times & places
» Believing that God has a plan for us & we can see our families again
» Having faith in and trust that Heavenly Father provided a modern day prophet to guide and direct us in these latter days
» Letting the Lord lighten our burdens by prayer, reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and worshiping Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ by partaking of the sacrament
» Sacrificing our time, talents and efforts in our callings & serving those around us

So I challenge a of you to be a modern day pioneers, to stand up for what you know is right and to lead and be an example to those around you. Endure your trials and hardships with faith in Christ. You can do this, don't give up.

I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. I'm a missionary and I'm a modern day pioneer.

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MTC must haves 

Hey yall it’s Sister Higley I wrote this article from the MTC itself. I’ve compiled a list of all the things you need or need to know before you enter the MTC, also thank you to my lovely sister Hope for posting these for me 🙂
-Water bottle

-Shower shoes

-Your own sheets and blanket for comfort and because the sheets here smell bad

-Stuffed animal, I brought one and DO NOT regret it

-MINTS, MINTS, MINTS, MENTOS AND MINTS you’re not allowed to have gum so this is seriously a life saver haha get it? the life saver mints, they’re the best

-Pictures of your family to hang up and to show people, but don’t look at them for too long or too much because it’ll just make things harder

-3-4 journals, 1 to take to class like a notebook, one to write down tender mercies or miracles or blessings or anything really sacred or spiritual, one to write down what your day was like and just an extra one for whatever you need it for

-Cards! Another Sister got these card sets that said hello on them and were decorated really -cute and had envelopes which were so fun to leave for other sisters and use as thank you or -welcome notes

-Envelopes and stamps for letters

-Decorations! I just brought a couple of like banners I could hang up on the wall with tape 

-Wrinkle releaser 

-Tide to go


-Mini febreeze and perfume and lotion if you use it


-Nail Polish and remover and cotton balls 

-Mini sewing kit 

-Elastic bands, headbands, Bobby pins and all other hair accessories

-SNACKS such as popcorn, granola bars and whatever else you want! They have vending machines with snacks and ice cream but I wish I had popcorn because there’s microwaves out in the lobby. They feed you at like 5 for dinner but after you work out or get done with classes you’ll want something to snack on

SIDE NOTE: Tell your family about Dear Elder, it’s a website where they can send you letters instantly like you’ll get them the same day and they put together packages together for missionaries with goodies in them
ALSO: Don’t worry if you forget something, chances are the book store will have it or your companion or even another girl in your room or your district or zone so don’t stress!
I’m sure I’ve forgotten other things that are a MUST In the MTC but just as RMs for advice, check out Sister missionary blogs on Pinterest and just be prepared!
Good luck, I love you all!


Until I write again

Love, Sister Higley 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mission May 2017-November 2018

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Some ward members definitely roasted me this week, nice thanks guys. See Tuesday for more details lol. 
Are you saved?

Lol @ everyone who tells me they’re saved. 

Also imma about to get second hand smoke here so pray for my lungs. 
These emails are definitely more novels lol but it’s fine at least I’ll have them to read when I get home, if yall read anything read Thursday’s lol literally the life of a missionary right there. 
I loved this article. We are all called of God being His children to do missionary work. We all have a responsibility to share the light of Christ with others, like the article states “Whether or not we serve as full-time missionaries, each of us has the opportunity to share the gospel and serve those around us.” it then goes on to give examples and ideas for all of us, full time missionaries, members, young or old on how to serve. Visit for ideas! Article below 🙂

*Monday, May 29

Pdays are definitely the hardest days so far. Today we had a ward BBQ, yummy. Got to email, took a nap, nice. And went to Walmart, fun. That’s about it. 
*Tuesday, May 30

So like boring today really, cleaning out the area book and finding who’s interested and who’s not and it takes a lot of work and is hard so that’s that.


So we went to do a service at a members house and so she’s like I wanna make a frame for this mirror like okay cool who do we look like we are? So she gets out an ELECTRIC SAW AND STARTS CUTTING WOOD IN HER FREAKING BASEMENT LIKE ON THE CARPET?? WHAT? She got sawdust everyone like I inhaled some I’m pretty sure and almost died, got sawdust on her, the carpet, the laundy, furniture.. everything.. I’m not sure what she was thinking or if she was at all.. I just sat there and plugged my ears and watched for a solid 2 hours. 

While cleaning out the area book a less active member let us in who turns out to be a Presbyterian pastor lol what? She was super sweet though and had a cute dog, we talked about family and faith with her.. why can’t everyone be this kind and accpeting? We then had dinner at a members house, they’re older and super rich by the looks of their house lol. They have 2 young kids though, both toddlers and reminded me of my brothers 😦 I miss you brigham and kai. So the little 2 year old Jj was hanging with me, more like he kept stealing my chips, nice. So they asked me what my major is I said communication then they both went on a rant for a good solid 10 minutes on how that’s an awful major lol I zoned out but as soon as they were done talking I said you know what? I DON’T CARE I WILL MARRY RICH AND BE A STAY AT HOME MOM OKAY? they laughed but I’m serious, rich boys where you at? Anyways we roasted hot dogs and they roasted me, end of the story, end of the day.  
*Wednesday, May 31

Wow everyday I wonder if my life could get any awkward and it does. Members, investigators and just people often make us uncomfortable lol 24/7 but it’s fine. I’m getting more awkward though, help. 

Today was weird, we met with a potential investigator and it was weird, she was on the phone with her boyfriend and was giggling while we were talking, probably wasn’t us being cute. Anyways enough of that a lot of times when people don’t want to talk to us I think they pretend they don’t speak English lol cool. But we did meet with a guy today, Miguel who hardly speaks english, I’m working on my Spanish so I no luck with him lol but he did show us all of his horses that he takes care of, THEY WERE MASSIVE. *don’t mind my hair

See picture below.

We had a dinner appointment and they have the cutest kids, see the drawings in the picture below. We then went street contacting and no bueno. We kept saying hi to people and they’d look away, nice. One guy saw us then crossed the street but that’s okay because he was scary. Also this old man tried to give us money, too bad we couldn’t accept lol we tried to teach him but he said he was a pescapalian whatever that means then told us a weird story, pass. We knocked on this one door and saw a girl keep peeking her head around the corner, still didn’t answer, just waited for us to leave.. nice. Someone asked us if we were Jehovah witnesses LOL NOPE. So overall awkward and uncomfortable day lol welcome to the life of a missioanry. Gonna keep pressing forward in a steadfastness in Christ though.

2 Nephi 31:20 Go read it.

My sister graduated high school today, all the feels. My little brother Luke also graduated the 6th grade wooooo I love them. 
*Thursday, June 1

Today was AMAZING. This is the first time I’ve felt the spirit so strongly on my mission. We had district meeting this morning and talked about revelation through prayer, the elders in our district are so funny and just the best! We then had a lesson with Joy and her family, it was her, her 15 year old daughter, 16 year old daughter and then Joy’s sister, they all had a special need of some sort. The Spirit was sooooo strong. We taught the plan of salvation and about how Jesus Christ loves us and suffered for us, we taught the garden of Gethsemane which they had no knowledge of. I started to tear up while teaching them about how all this pain and guilt and suffering and inadequatecy they were feeling could be taken from then through our Savior. The daughter started crying you could tell she was feeling the spirit so strongly, the other one is like an athiest so we’re working on that lol. But joy opened up to us so much and told us so many personal things about what’s happened to her allowing us to help her with this gospel. We invited them to church so hoping that they come, cannot wait to teach them again. You can tell how ready they are and excited about this gospel, the truthful restored gospel.

Well we had another lesson right after this and nope. That’s all I need to say, the house was CRAZY. The grandma was yelling at her daughter the whole time who was yelling at her daughter who was like 6 running wild and then there’s the grandpa yelling at the dogs who wouldn’t stop jumping on us and sadly ripped and ruined Sister Rs skirt, it was tough like couldn’t even get a message out they were too distracted lol but it’s fine we got a cupcake outta it.

Later that night we had a dinner appointment, had Mexican pizza, yum. I always hang out with the little kids because that’s way better than adults duh, and I miss my little boys 😦 after that we went to check out a referral that the elders found for us and THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ELDERS AND THEIR WORK.

Michael is his name, he’s this big guy with tattoos with the biggest heart, wanting peace and answers and to know if God is there because he’s struggling with his mom passing away years ago and just needs some help, good thing that’s our purpose 🙂 We got back to meet with him next week when he’s off work! he accepted a book of Mormon and seemed very anxious to read it! 
I’m falling in love with Pennsylvania but most importantly the people. This is definitely the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. 
*Friday, June 2

Weekly planning: *eats 4 cupcakes, washes it down with root beer*

It is so hot. We tried a lemonade stand, let’s just say the only good thing that came out of it were cute and funny pictures. Honestly it was a hard day.. we had a triple rejection, walking down the street and started talking to this lady and she was like nope but then a guy was walking in front of us and he asked us if we were “opus” whatever that means but once we said Mormons hes like uhh nope then a black guy walking behind us came up and was like you don’t wanna talk to these mormons, nice, thanks. 

Today was hard, no one was home and no one cared to listen. As we were on our way home we drove past these people on a street just like normal but once we were half way home I couldn’t shake the prompting to go back so Sister Roper turned around. We parked in the right spot and there was this lady sitting on her porch, she has been going through a hard time with life and finding a job so we were totally able to help her out and she’s super interested! She also said her daughter was tired of being Catholic and was needing something different, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS FOR YOU AND ME AND ALL OF US. She also said her mother would LOVE coming to church so that’s awesome, then without even asking she told us about all her neighbors and who to go and visit! Wow, I’ve never been so happy before, I am so grateful that I followed that prompting God is so good. God is mindful of all of His children and knows what’s best for us, He loves us and knows what we need. Pray always, He hears you and answers you.
*Sunday, June 4

Studied lehis dream, in my dreams. Totes accidentally fell asleep during studies lol.
P.s my birthday is in a month, July 5th don’t forget about me
2 Nephi 22:2

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also has become my 
Sister Higley

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mission 

May 2017-November 2018

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Group email 

So I’m still at the MTC and haven’t gone home so that’s good right? Let’s start off with some jokes because we all know I’m so funny.. 

What’s the difference between jail and the MTC? You’re allowed to have visitors in jail. 

Also did you know the MTC ACTUALLY stands for marriage training center? I have a testimony of that. 

I’m definitely learning the language very well.

Anyways I promise I’ll get better at this whole emailing thing.. 

This week was so much better than last week. KEEP PRAYING FOR ME I NEED IT. 

I’ve met some elders going to pittsburgh and i LOVE THEM i am so excited to get to know them all more too! The elders in my district are like going to New Hampshire so thats cool for them! Yesterday we got our flight information, SCARY! I have one more pday before the field, we leave next sunday at like 3:30 in the morning, pray that we’ll have a safe flight. 


Sister Liljenquist and i got called as sister training leaders, holla. So that’s been not bad we just help the newbie district that came in this past wednesday, still getting to know them haha the elders are a little crazy but its totally fine right? 

Something i’ve had to come to learn is that FAITH, its so weird not being called that and everytime its said i look.. anyways faith needs to be built off a firm foundation. Doctrine & Covenants 11:24&28 READ THE BOOK OF MORMON IT IS TRUE! anyways To build that foundation of faith we need to 1. go to church 2. read our scriptures 3. fulfill our callings 4. partake of the sacrament 5. pray 6. attend the temple 7. family history work and SO MUCH MORE. If we continue to strive to do these things our foundation will get stronger and stronger making it harder to be knocked down ya know? Also that a testimony isnt enough, we need to be CONVERTED to the Lord.

Sunday nights we get BYU ice cream from the creamry and its great so that brings happiness to my life. 
Monday we did service so mopped and cleaned bathrooms, boys are gross btw. We have been having TRC everyday.. not sure what it stands for but what we do is we teach “investigators” 100% sure they’re members getting paid to act out their conversion story or maybe someone elses.. they wont tell us so not sure but ive come to realize that that doesnt matter because Heavenly Father wants all of His children to be brought unto Christ so if i can help in their conversion to Christ.. I WILL. Gwen is our hardest one.. enough said. Wan Yu Chen is another one of our “investigators” SHE IS SO CUTE. I love them both and have loved learning how to teach but have loved teaching by the Spirit even more, the Holy Ghost truly is amazing and i’ve said things that aren’t even my own and i know they come through Christ.. isnt missionary work SO COOL?! I LOVE IT. I leave here May 22 so its coming up so fast, excited and nervous. 

Me and the girls in our room/ district have lots of laughs so that gets me through the days. 

Tuesday we had an AMAZING LIFE CHANGING LIKE FOR REAL DEVOTIONAL given by Elder Clayton of the seventy. He got up there and was like “okay so i had something prepared but the spirit has told me to share something different and it touched every missionary in that room, no doubt. I learned that we should all not just “endure to the end” BUT ENJOY TO THE END, BE HAPPY. And that the Savior, Jesus Christ will take us as we are after everything we’ve done.. and make us into something so much greater but only THROUGH HIM. 

Moroni 10:32 (Book of Mormon) Put your name in it and it makes it so much personal i love doing that with myself and investigators! 

I’ve been struggling to let go of my pre mission life but im getting there, focused on the work and where i need to be! It’ll be so good when im out in the field and i know that if im faithful and obedient, miracles from God will come. 

I JUST WANTED TO SHARE HOW AMAZING MY TEACHERS ARE. I have a teacher Sister Knapp and she is seriously so great like I LOVE HER she has helped me so much and encouraged me and is just amazing, i am so grateful for her you all need a sister knapp in your life. 
So there are these Elders.. one of them is going to my mission but his comp is this big polynesian guy and i wish yall could just see this, but everytime i see them he is totally just yelling at his comp (in a loving way) like “get over here boy, you cant run from me” and i just crack up everytime i see them, they even taught me a handshake so im one of them now. Hahah they make my day and they also share a spiritual message everytime we run into them, truly uplifting hahah i love it.
I just wanted to ask everyone to just keep praying for me and if you havent yet, PLEASE DO. Also send me nice emails please i need them they make me happy and the end of a hard day to read something loving, yall dont even know how hard missions are but how WORTH IT it will be, i come home November 19 2018 in case anyone was wondering.. Anyways life here is not bad. Its seriously a rollercoaster each day something different thrown at you but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I know that this church is true with all of my might, mind, heart and strength or trust me.. I WOULNDT be here and if you know me you know thats true. I know that even if this isnt where i want to be that this is where the Lord needs me to be and ill get there! 2 Nephi 25:27

I know that the Lord has been preparing me for who knows how long for this experience, and i only have 9 DAYS AHHH until i get to teach the people who the Lord has prepared, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ALREADY IM SO EXCITED. I know that this gospel, i have felt the light and the happiness and comfort that this gospel, that Jesus Christ has brought into my life and i am so grateful for it, im grateful for the atonement and i wouldnt want anyone in their life not to have the wonderful gospel that i have and a relationship with their loving Heavenly Father because He knows all of us and loves us and He hears our prayers and if we listen to that still small voice, humble ourselves and soften our hearts HE WILL answer your prayers and He knows what you need and what you need to hear because He knows and loves us all personally and individually. I am so grateful for this knoweldge i have and im grateful that im learning so much for myself and for those i will be teaching 🙂
I seriously love you all and miss you all, please send pictures of you, your kids, your neighbors.. I dont care it just makes me so happy to hear from and see you all 🙂


Lots of love, seriously.

 ALSO email me until 6 tonight id love to hear from everyone because i miss you all indvidually!

Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers. 

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Self Care Activities 

Put yourself first 

Go for a run

Talk a walk 

Read a new book

Diffuse essential oils

Write in a journal

Burn candles 

Take a bath 

Practice yoga 

Listen to your favorite music 

Apply a face mask 

Organize something 


Cozy up in a blanket and watch a movie

Doodle or color in a coloring book 

Go and explore nature 

Give yourself a manicure 


Go for a bike ride 

Eat/drink something healthy 

Take a nap 



Spend time with someone close to you

Read scriptures 

Serve others 



& try a new recipe 

Turn off your phone 

Do an activity you like 

Write a letter to a friend 

Get a massage 

Drink some herbal tea 

Go to bed earlier &

Wake up earlier 

Take a drive 

Visit a museum 

Go get some ice cream 

Write down everything you love about yourself 


Drink enough water 


Buy/pick yourself some flowers

Play a game 

Take your vitamins 

Soak up the sun 
Eat a healthy snack

Go swimming 

Watch a motivational TED talk


Do a fun craft 

Breathe, just breathe.

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God Is Oh So Loving

A couple nights ago Ren took a night to himself so that left me a night to myself also. I wasted a lot of time by watching Netflix for an hour or so. I then thought to myself how i should read my scriptures and so i did.  I just felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness. That everything would be alright.

The spirit is strong, firm and overwhelming but all in the good ways. It really is just a warm and fuzzy feeling inside you. The spirit is one of our greatest gifts given to us by our Heavenly Father that we need to be worthy and willing and ready to listen to.

"As you obey, the impressions from the Spirit will come more frequently, becoming closer and closer to constant companionship." —Henry B. Eyring #LDS:

I then started reading out of preach my gospel then following started watching Mormon Messages. My heart immediately just filled with joy. This is a feeling that i want everyone to have, an experience that everyone deserves. God wants this joy and happiness for all of us. That’s what he intended but its up to us to fulfill our true happiness.

As i was praying before bed i was stressed about finances. Unsure of how i’m going to pay for rent for the rest of the semester and for next. I was praying that i would figure out a way and a strong, stern voice in my mind told me “pay your tithing”. This is something as members that we should all do, even if we think we can’t afford it. I promise God will help you and you will get those ends to meet.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Print

These past couple weeks have been especially hard for Ren and I. Between him working and a hard class load and my heavy class load we were struggling to find the time to get everything done and to be able to spend quality time together.

Ren had started indexing that first week. Once a day and he just did a batch or two, at first i would just start on my homework while he focused on that but then i started doing it with him. A PERFECT couples date. It is so sweet, innocent and pure.

The next week still stressed with school work and exams we still found the time to get everything done leaving us some time to enjoy each other and to relax. You might just think to yourself that we managed our time better or had a lessened homework load that week but i honestly believe that we accomplished and succeeded in all our doings because we gave some of our time up each day to serve and index.

"As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions." —Thomas S. Monson #LDS:

I promise you that no matter how much you think you can’t afford tithing, you can. No matter how tired you are, you can get down on your knees and thank Heavenly Father for everything He’s blessed you with. No matter how busy you are, you can always find the time to serve the Lord and His people.

I know if you make these sacrifices that you will be blessed. God will recognize your efforts and won’t leave you alone or helpless. There is always a way. God is the way.

15 LDS Quotes to Share With Your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day:

He loves you and cares about you. He is mindful of you and is always there for you. He speaks to you through the Spirit and all you have to do is listen and take into account what He is saying. God will never leave you alone.

"We were not placed on this earth to walk alone." -Thomas S. Monson #lds #mormon #sharegoodness:

I bear my testimony that i know that this gospel is true. That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only and only true church and will shower you in love and happiness if you choose to live the commandments. I know that Christ died for us and has unlimited amount of love for us. He is our Savior, he is on our side. I know that President Monson is His true prophet and we should all pray for him each and everyday to have strength. I know that when you pray, God hears you. I know that God loves me and each one of you. I know that He lives. We are oh so blessed to have this knowledge, don’t take advantage of it.

Live, love and share the gospel.

The great thing about the gospel is that we get credit for trying, even if we don't always succeed.  Jeffrey R. Holland.:

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How To Survive Your First Year At BYU-I

I’ve attended BYU-I for a full year now, looking back i don’t know how i managed to survive.

So I’m here to give you my tips on how to make it through your first year!

BYU-Idaho October-July:

  1. Sign up on time for your classes or you wont get the classes or scheduled you wanted!!
  2. Look into other places to buy your text books like Book Viking, amazon or other online websites.. they could be cheaper and probably will be than the BYUI bookstore.
  3. Don’t buy or bring more stuff than you need. You will have a small space of your own at college and not much storage room.
  4. Save money and spend appropriately.
  5. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHERE YOU WILL LIVE! Trust me you don’t want to be living in a dump, far from campus with awful roommates. Do your research, ask around and read reviews and choose carefully and prayerfully where you should live. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my post “Oh The Places You’ll Go” with advice, opinions and reviews on housing around Rexburg.
  6. If you’re sharing a room, get there early! You can pick your room and the side you’re on, not to mention you get to choose your bathroom and kitchen space first before everyone else steals all the good spots.
  7. Get to know your roommates, try to be nice and make friends with them. This will effect your entire semester whether you guys get along or not. And try to get freshmen roommates too if you are one!
  8. Do your dishes and clean up after yourself, you don’t want to be the messy roommate that no body likes.
  9. If you’re lost, ask for help! Everyone is so kind and would love to help out.
  10. Don’t only buy snack or junk food, learn how to cook! Pinterest has great meal ideas.
  11. Go to church, not only is this a commandment or a requirement you will make great friends in your ward if you try.  Attend FHE also, it’s a great way to put yourself out there and maybe meet a cute FHE brother!
  12. Do your homework and STUDY! College is nothing like high school and i figured that out the hard way, i did awful my first semester because i didn’t put the time and effort into my school work.
  13. School work comes before social life but that’s only if you want a future ya know.
  14. Get out there! Go to Get Connected, the school dances along with Latin and Country dances Friday nights. Check out the event page on the BYUI website, they always have stuff going on so grab your roommates and have fun!
  15. Don’t be too boy crazy or marriage hungry, you’ll annoy everyone around you by talking about it.  God will send the right boy at the right time so focus on yourself and your school work until he comes along and don’t worry too much about it.
  16. Don’t you dare go over to that boys apartment for a first date to “watch netflix” and don’t you dare kiss him!
  17. Give everyone a chance. Don’t judge. Always go out on that first date. Be kind. Be respectful. Learn to forgive and forget. Keep moving forward.
  18. Fulfill your calling to the best of your abilities if you have one.
  19. Attend Devotionals, you’ll need the midweek pick-me-up.
  20. Attend the temple each week. Why? Blessings, blessings, blessings. You can make the time.
  21. Follow the dress code, you don’t want to get called out in class and kicked out for not obeying a simple rule!
  22. Follow the honor code, if you don’t you get kicked out of school which is a lot worse.
  23. Use your resources like the library, tutors and TA’s and the free campus gym (as long as you follow the dress code).
  24. Go out and explore Rexburg and the surrounding towns! Check out my older post “Dating Bucket list” for year round ideas!
  25. FINALS WEEK: Stay calm. Prepare for the long test lines and breathe.
  26. You’re not your grades, don’t let them define you.
  27. Getting a job is next to impossible unless you want to work at a call center, don’t. Keep looking and you’ll find something.
  28. If you don’t get married your first year, don’t freak out. Take your time and fall in love with yourself before anyone else.
  29. Be yourself and have fun. It’s okay if you dont do the best on grades your first semester or make as many friends as you wanted or find the man of your dreams. You have more time. 
  30. Say your prayers, read your scriptures and God will help and guide you in your schooling and life. Good luck and contact me if you have any questions or need anything ❤️️
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Montage Project

By: Faith Higley


Design a spiritual and inspirational montage using multiple photos to create a poster.


I first sketched out ideas of montages i wanted to create after choosing a quote. I then chose the one that best fit the quote.

  1. In photoshop i combined and blended all of the photos together making it look like one picture.
  2. I added the quote i had chose to the image and resized and changed the color and chose the placement.
  3. I made sure that the montage met all the guidelines.

Critique Process

I met with Emily, Levi and Turner. They all suggested to either make Christ bigger and the center of the picture or make the tree smaller. They also suggested to move the text and maybe change the color and the font.

Group Critique:

Emily Schwartz

Levi Cooley

Turner Leslie

Message: To uplift and encourage all those who come in contact with this montage.

Audience: All those willing to be uplifted by this poster.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Solid // Black

Title font & category 

Myrid Pro Regular // Decorative

Copy font & category

Same as above.

Thumbnails of any original, image(s) used in the project. 


Source of each image

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20 Things You Learn By 20

Hello I’m Faith and I’m 19, I turn 20 in 5 months!

I’ve learned a lot in the past 20 years, but obviously not enough because I keep making the same mistakes, oops.

Here are 20 things I’ve learned by age 20:

1. Your happiness needs to be put first;

Don’t put that boys needs in front of your own, he’s not worth it. Don’t let a friends happiness and needs come above your own. It’s good to help out and make sure your loved ones are taken care of and loved but you can’t do that if you’re not meeting your own needs first and taking care of yourself. 

2. Don’t compare yourself to others, YOU ARE ENOUGH;

Other girls will be prettier, they will be smarter and better at something than you, but remember they will NEVER be you. You’re unique.

3. Do what you love;

Try out a new hobby. Start that song, poem, blog, business whatever you love. Just do what makes you happy with the resources you have.

4. Girlfriends before guys, always;

There’s a few exceptions to this, if it’s your (future) fiancé than that’s okay. But if you have plans with your girlfriends ands guy invites you over to “watch Netflix” go with your girls. Spend time with them, they will be there for you.. not that boy.

5. Your heart will break and heal all over again;

Trust me I know. Friends, family and events will all make or break you. You heart will break and you might not think you’ll ever be okay but with time, you will be. Time does heal all wounds. You’ll move on and be happier than you’ve ever imagined. 

6. You will make mistakes;

The same ones and new ones.. again, again and again. You’ll learn from them eventually but for now, just do your best.

7. Those Facebook, Instagram and Twitter likes don’t matter in the long run;

People just like to show off their lives. Sure they make look better but are they really? Don’t stress over how many likes, favorites or comments you get because guess what?! It doesn’t matter.

8. Stay classy;

Don’t be that girl who NCMO’s with that whole apartment of guys. Don’t be easy. Others won’t have respect for you if you don’t have respect for yourself.

(NCMO: non committal makeout)

9. Save money, just do it;

This is one thing I regret the most. I wish I would’ve saved more money in high school. Work your butt off and save for your future, you never know when you might desperately need it. 

10. Always be kind;

That girl who gave you that nasty look, that guy who talked over you, that stranger who bumped into you and didn’t apologize, it’s okay. Be kind. Be patient and understanding. Don’t let one thing ruin your whole day or your happiness. It’s not worth it.

11. Fake it till you make it;

Girl, you got this.

12. Be honest;

To your parents, to your friends, to your siblings and to your significant others. 

13. Further your education, and study;

Take those classes. Learn those skills. Grow and expand your mind. Education is key.

14. Spend time with your family;

They love you 

15. YOU choose YOUR friends;

If a friends hurt you, if they’re not there for you, if you’ve grown apart or if you just have nothing in common anymore.. you don’t have to be friends with them. Find new friends and spend your time with those you love and enjoy.

16. Move on when it’s necessary;

It might be hard, and you might not want to do it but suck it up and move on. You deserve better no matter the circumstance.

17. Serve;

Serve everyone around you. You won’t regret lending a helping hand to someone. You will be blessed.

18. Stand up for yourself;

That person in class, your co-worker, a friend or family member if they’re walking all over you, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or who you are.

19. Follow your dreams and have fun;

No matter how hard they may seem, you can reach them. Don’t give up, keep trying. These are prime years, have fun and enjoy yourself!

20. You will make it, you will be more than okay;

I promise.