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June 19, 2017

Happy (late) fathers day to all you dads and future daddy’s!
Watch this video about Father’s day πŸ™‚ made my heart melt. Hope my future husband is out there being righteous and stuff.
811 Frederick Court
Canonsburg PA 15317
If anyone’s tryna send me a letter or package
Also going to an amusement park today and won’t be able to respond to many emails but still write me please, I miss hearing from people.. Family and friends at home!

Monday June 12th

3 PA sightings today.
Pittsburgh today was awesome, I loved walking down the strip and just experiencing the city πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to come back to go to all the sports games though, penguins and steelers all the way. Bought like 3 shirts, worth it. Got a yummy Philly sandwich. It was a great day πŸ™‚
Tuesday June 13th
5 PA sightings today.
Great studies πŸ™‚ I’m in Jacob in the book of Mormon and what stood out to me was in chapter 2:8 and it says “the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healed the wounded soul”. How amazing is that to know that the book of Mormon, the word of God can heal our hurt, imperfect and broken souls, but we must take advantage of that and “feast upon the words of Christ” Β (2 Nephi 32:3). It also talks a lot about humbling ourself and not being prideful or too worldly of our things in life like our TVs, cellphones and cars and other nice things, it teaches that “before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God” – Jacob 2:18. I was reading in the new testament as well in Mark and it talks about how proud God was of Christ when he got baptized and it was just so cool to think how proud he is of me being on a mission and how proud he is of each one of us when we are doing what we’re supposed to and even if we’re not on the right track just yet that Heavenly Father will ALWAYS love us.
We knocked lots today, planting lots of seeds is all im gonna say but handed out a couple books of Mormons and invited others to come unto Christ so I fulfilled my purpose. We did lots of service for members, dishes and laundry for days (guys I’ll be so ready for marriage in just 17.5 months so wife me up). The little boy helping me was so kind until he splashed me on purpose, thanks kid. We had a lesson after tracting about scripture study and prayer and enduring to the end, the little things like praying EVERYDAY to show our gratitude and even reading a verse a day is SO important. Shared a general conference talk with them called “the strength to endure” by Elder maynes from October 2013. Such a good talk check it out
We had it with our investigator named George, he’s a little short red head who never buttons his shirts up half way even and is funny, gotta teach him during that week because he spends weekends in jail, nice. Only for a month of so more then he can come to church if his PO let’s him. It’s cool to see so many people who have turned their life around because of the gospel. George takes and shares his book of Mormon to prison so you ALL can share it or a verse with someone you know, stay outta prison though. Rock on.
Wednesday June 14th
Got to do service today for some members, love the Hollanders πŸ™‚ We then went to try a potential and his mom said he was gone, bummer so we knocked the whole street with no luck and as soon as we were about to leave he got home and is super interested in learning more, blessed. As soon as we finished our work before dinner it started POURING rain! Tender mercy that finished right before we would’ve gotten soaked! We then went to get some yummy ice cream from Brusters for dinner πŸ˜‰ then came home to finish our dinner hour then out again!
Been practicing recognizing and acting on promptings, it’s been going well I think, it’s cool to think that Heavenly Father is so aware of all of His children and knows who we need to talk to and when, He really is mindful of all of us and has a plan for us all individually.
Thursday June 15th
District meeting, that’s when me and my companion meet with the elders in our district to just talk about how we can be better missionaries, I’m not sure who they decide who’s in what district but the elders we have are great πŸ™‚
The rain storms here are INSANE. Literally it’s like dumping buckets of water on you when you’re out there for Β .5 seconds so walking out to my car which isn’t even far I got wrecked. Anyways it was worth it because we went to visit this older lonely lady in the elders area who’s a member. She talked about how her and her husband met and how she became a member and it was ADORABLE. My heart couldn’t handle it, everyone go call or text or BETTER YET VISIT your grandparents and if that’s not an option go to a local senior center and visit them because we all need some TLC. She invited us back next week for pizza, score. Seriously she’s the cutest 85 year old I’ve ever met I love her.
We then had book of Mormon class that our elders in our ward started πŸ™‚ they had a couple of investigators there and they were AMAZING. One of them said she had read like 15 chapters after they gave it to her and wait for it.. ALREADY KNOWS ITS TRUE. WHAT? Where can I find myself an investigator like that? They’re the best. I love book of Mormon class! I get to make treats for it next week holla.
Friday June 16th
Weekly planning! Then to meet with some investigators and potetnials! No luck we then went to OYM. Thats when you go up to random people on the street, not much luck either so then we stopped and got ice cream, yum. I get ice cream way too much but it’s way too good. Anyways, we decided to go visit one of our potetnials, britney. Cool story: some elders in an area close to ours invited Britney to a picnic for memorial day but on accident. They meant to dial a less actives number and called her instead and she came! And came to church that following sunday! She loves the gospel so much already and is wanting to share it with her boyfriend, brother and her daughters father.. wish us luck with that!
Saturday June 17th
Helped a member make whoopee pies for her sons baptism! We then had a couple of lessons with members! 7 PA sightings today.
Sunday June 18th
CHURCH! I love church, we had an investigator at church today, my first one!! Britney! She’s the best, pray for her πŸ™‚ We had donuts for fathers day today and they sent us home with a box of kripsy kreme donuts, YUMMY. It was precious today with the kids singing in sacrament for their dads, made me think of my little brothers so I couldn’t help but tear up a bit.
TINY MIRACLE, I love tender mercies. We went to go try a less active in the elders area who wanted the sisters to come by (everyone loves the Sisters more) but it was the wrong address, as we were trying to call the bishop to see where to go this guy comes up to us and is pretty much like I need God in my life can you guys help me, YES WE CAN. We gave him a book of Mormon and the church address.. little bummed it’s in the elders area but we’re all Heavenly Father’s children so it’s okay πŸ™‚
Also saw a Jehovahs witness pamphlet on someone’s door and switched that out with our card so fast, sorry JWs people’s salvation is on the line.
Read the book of mormon, say your prayers, be grateful, go to church.
Mark 7:6 “…This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.”
I encourage everyone to think about how we can honor Christ in our heart and not just by talking about Him how can we really have Him in our heart it our everyday lives?
Have a good week yinz. Love you ALL!
-Pittsburgh strip
-Cute Lil kitty
-I’m obsessed with this sign, the lady was nice to so its a win
-We got out Β and stood in the rain and got SOAKED just for ice cream #dedicated
-Ice cream again oops
-The link to the picture is from zone conference, it was too big to attach as a picture but hopefully yall can see it πŸ™‚
-Made some gobs also known as whoopee pies, YUMMY. I love Pennsylvanian food.
-Tracting in the rain, it’s water not tears
-Bro K, he’s like our best friend pretty much calls us lots and just makes our whole day